Are Stucco Fences the Right Choice for You?

If you are looking for a fencing material that offers retro charm, consider stucco. Stucco fences are not as common these days as wood, iron and composite materials. However, there is still a place for this material in the world of fencing. Stucco dates all the way back to the ancient Greco-Roman days. This material is commonly seen in Spanish style architecture. It is also often used to create a decorative covering over less attractive materials like concrete. If you have a concrete fence that you hate the look of, consider covering it with stucco.

Stucco was originally crafted from materials like sand and limestone, but today is made from other materials as well. You can even find synthetic stucco which consists of foam boards covered with several coats of faux stucco material. Synthetic stucco isn’t as durable as the real thing and is more susceptible to weather damage. Therefore, it is not recommended for outdoor use. If you must have a stucco fence outdoors, go for the highest quality real stucco that you can find. You might want to hire a contractor who is experienced with installing this type of fence to make sure you get the best results and the most durable fence possible.

For example, some professional fence building companies can install stucco fencing that is strong enough to withstand not only the weather but also any damage incurred by wildlife or animals who are being kept inside the fence. These fences often begin with a foundation of galvanized steel, over which reinforced foam walls are installed. After that, you can decide on what color stucco you want installed over the foundation. Traditional colors include those found in nature like white, beige and earthy tones like terra cotta.

When it comes to stucco fences, you need to decide on your finish coating. There are several choices available. Color coat is crafted from a tinted sand and can be textured further with troweling. Acrylic finish also comes in a variety of different colors. And, it is the very best choice for outdoor use because of its durability. Color coat is best for indoor use on walls. Outdoor stucco is best coated with acrylic because it is able to stand up under a variety of conditions.