Styles of Wooden Fences

If you are looking to build a wooden fence, you may not be sure yet about what style you want. There are quite a few different styles of wooden fences that can be constructed. Each style has its own distinct advantages. In this article we will learn more about some of the most popular wood fence styles. The first style we are going to look at is perhaps the most economical and traditional. It is called the spaced dog ear picket fence and it is what most people think of when they imagine wooden fences.

The reason this style is called dog ear is because the picket tops are cut at an angle. There are spaces between the pickets, which allow for wind to flow freely through them. The picket fence is a popular, down home style that offers many benefits. This style is affordable to build and quite sturdy. You don’t have to secure the posts with concrete, but you can for added stability if you so choose. One of the top wood types for the picket fence is treated cedar. You definitely want to go for treated wood so that your fence will not be damaged by the weather.

Then there is the shadowbox style or board on board fence. This is a popular style for anyone who wants a privacy fence. It is perfect for residential areas as it can provide a boundary for children and pets and keep neighbors and passersby from being able to see into your yard. These fences can be as high as six feet but may be shorter depending on your preferences and needs. There are concave and convex style shadowbox fences which means the top is either curved in or curved out.

The most simple style of wood fence is the spit rail fence. This style features fence posts spaced six to eight feet apart and horizontal rails that span from one post to another. This type of fence is the cheapest type of fence to build and often the easiest. It is best used as a property boundary and is usually not the best thing for keeping kids or pets inside. It also does not allow for any privacy like the shadowbox style fence does.

If you want to learn more about styles of wooden fences, you may want to get online and look up some photos. You will find that a photo is much better than a written description when it comes to understanding what different types of fences look like. You might also get a better idea about the different wood fence styles by looking through some illustrated books about fence building.