Selecting Fences for Cemetery Areas

If you have a cemetery on your property and need to fence it in, you will need to find out more about fences for cemetery areas. The most commonly used material for this type of fence is iron. There is wrought iron and cast iron. Wrought iron is the oldest, most traditional choice. It is also the purest when it comes to the amount of iron it actually contains. It lends itself perfectly to ornamental scrollwork and is quite resistant to rust and weather damage. Not only that it is strong and heavy and makes a great boundary. You can find wrought iron in a variety of fence styles from simple to very ornate and detailed.

Cast iron has less iron and is often used for molding purposes. This means it is melted and poured into molds rather than being hammered into shape. It is not as popular as wrought iron but is sometimes used. When it comes to upkeep, iron does require some. You will want to paint your iron fencing to avoid rust. The number one most traditional color is black, of course. After painting the iron fence, cover it with a clear weatherproof and rustproof varnish. This will extend the durability and discourage rust from forming. You will still need to repaint every few years.

Before painting the iron, you should attempt to remove the corrosion with a wire brush. Whether or not this is possible depends on how much corrosion there is and how large the fence is. For a fence that is very corroded it may be necessary to call in a pro. If you are building a new fence make sure you let the contractors know you need weatherproofing and rustproofing for your new iron fence.

You may find that fences for cemetery areas that are historic in nature are more rusted. This is because some people don’t like to do much of anything when it comes to a historic area. However, there may be some restoration in order if the fence is extremely unattractive or damaged. Sometimes you can preserve an old iron fence, due to the long lasting nature of this material. However, there is nothing more beautiful in the world of fencing than a brand new iron fence. Whether you go for a simple design or an ornamental design depends on the regulations of your locality and what you feel is most appropriate for the area.