Vinyl Fences: A Durable Alternative to Wood

You may already know that vinyl is often used as a replacement for wood when it comes to home construction. Vinyl siding is currently one of the most popular materials for home builders today. Another common use for vinyl is fencing. Vinyl fences offer the attractive appearance of wood without all the maintenance. Vinyl is stronger, more durable, and more resistant than wood. There is no painting necessary, and clean up is easy. You can easily clean your vinyl fence with a quick spray of the garden hose.

The same styles that you can find made from wood can be done in vinyl. A privacy fence is a great choice if you have neighbors living next to you. Privacy fences feature boards with no space in between them and are high enough to block the view from next door. Privacy fences are popular around pool and hot tub areas as well. You can even get privacy fences which feature decorative latticework on top. Then there are semi-privacy fences, which are not as high and look more like picket fences.

Traditional picket fences are not so much used for privacy as they are used for defining boundaries and adding charm. The most common color for a picket fence is white, although you can find vinyl picket fences in natural wood tones as well. Maybe you need a ranch fence to keep horses or other farm animals contained. If so, think about vinyl. It is just as good in this setting as it is in a surburban landscape. Vinyl fencing can be used anywhere wood fencing can.

If you want to learn more about vinyl fences, head on over to your local home improvement or hardware store and look around. Often you can look and feel samples to get an idea of what vinyl is like. If you cannot find the information you need from store employees, check the book section. Most stores of this type sell plans and books for all kinds of construction projects. Of course, you may want to hire a professional to install your vinyl fence. If so, do some comparison shopping and obtain quotes from different companies before choosing the one you want to use.